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June, 2013
Laricea ran Romanian Hour, an entertainment evening on the sixth floor of the office building after work. Unbeknownst to her, Laricea handed a scruffy guy who had had a long hard day at his desk, his first shot of Palinca. Little did she know of him, his name, what he did or that he had taken one look at her and decided she was pretty and he wanted to know more about this mysterious beauty! The evening was a success and much enjoyed by all. By contrast she hardly remembers meeting him that evening.

November, 2013
Work had kept both David and Laricea busy. Speaking occasionally in passing but most often at a number of the social events organised by the company. During a work trip to a bowling alley in November Laricea asked for David’s mobile number, as she wanted some photos from a previous evening he had taken.

December, 2013
David and Laricea had been on a couple of evenings together for food and drinks, getting to know each other better. Before Laricea flew home to Romania for Christmas, David decided that he had to know if she felt the same way he did? Did she think he was good looking? Did she think his jokes were funny? Did every moment with him make everything else in the world disappear into insignificance. So a few hours before her flight, in the street behind the office he went for it, he kissed her. The good news is that Laricea didn't scream, slap him or set off a rape alarm. Surprised, she decided she needed to think about things. David's question sort of answered.

Janurary, 2014
After a busy Christmas where Laricea had been advised by her father to give David a chance, David hardly got to see Laricea. She was too busy going from party to party. The two kept in contact by the magic of text messaging and arranged something for February.

Feburary, 2014
Eventually the two had time together and discussed how they felt. In true business style the Ts and Cs were laid down (Laricea is a princess and expects to be treated as such, David likes to cook so he can do that). It was (quietly) official, people at work didn't know however within a couple of weeks Laricea had been introduced to David’s mum (wasn't he confident).

March, 2014
Laricea decided that the best way to tell their colleagues about the relationship was to tag David in a post on Facebook, from the beach of Cyprus where they had gone to for a short holiday. While very early in a relationship to be going on holiday together, it served as an example of things to come. The two had rapidly become inseparable and did everything boldly together. Embracing each moment and making the most of every day. The month ended with a big party with work, the first time that Laricea and David had been able to party together in front of the company.

April, 2014
Two months into the relationship and David was going to be (more formally) introduced to Laricea’s parents. While he had made a good impression on them (when they were helping out) at the Romanian Hour, this was a little different! Turning 31 in a new country and hearing "Happy Birthday" in a new language were just some of the wonders of spending Easter in Romania. The proof was in the pudding, Laricea’s Romanian chinchilla even took a liking to David!

September, 2014
Laricea’s friend got married, an opportunity for David to witness how these things are done in Romania. Nobody knows for sure, but rumour has it that on seeing a Romanian wedding David decided then and there that he wanted to have one himself. Now where could he find a Romanian bride for such a thing?

November, 2014
Laricea’s friends organised for her to spend the weekend with them, while David was going to spend time with his friends. David insisted that he could take Laricea for dinner on the Friday evening before losing her for the weekend, he explained that someone had lied to her, before buying her a burger king dinner at Amsterdam Airport (Sometimes it's all about the location) as a warm up to a beautiful romantic weekend. Little did she know what he had ordered and was at that point in time being custom made to fit her finger!

December, 2014
Another month, and another holiday. This time a return to Romania for Christmas. For New Year’s Eve Laricea had organised to visit the picturesc town of Sighișoara. Laricea didn't understand why David looked so uncomfortable each time she went near his bag. That was until the evening of the 31st, atop the hill looking down on the old town. David placed his knee in the -24 degrees snow and asked in his best Romanian if she would marry him. For reasons still unclear to many people she said "Da" (yes).

The Bride

Laricea Roman

Born on 26th of June, 1987 in Bucharest, Romania, she kind of enjoyed studying – therefore two degrees in Bucharest (Marketing and Economic European Studies) plus a Master’s Degree in Advertising graduated with Distinction in London. After getting bored of studying, she start travelling around the world, having a crazy target of 5 new countries each year! She loves colours, chocolate and little fluffy animals and absolutely adores cherries and her grandmother’s rice and milk pudding

Loves to travel all year round and always to a new place

The Groom

David Halliday

Born on 19th of April 1983. David is a huge fan of music and technology (and possibly Star Wars).
By contrast he didn't enjoy studying... But it was the only way to learn more about computers which he did enjoy taking apart, putting back together and generally getting them to do new things. The single bachelors degree was more than sufficient for this humble boy to venture off into the world with.

Every bit the traveller that Laricea is, David spent time in France as a child, moved to Hertfordshire for his studies before relocating back to Kent. A few years later David had a brief stint in London followed by a trip to Spain before "hot tailing" it back to the comfort of England's rain.

The People

  • GuysOpen or Close

    Andrew - Best Man
    David and Andrew met at university while studying for Computer Science. They quickly built a friendship on the solid foundations of loud rock music and computers.

    Bryn - Best Man
    Bryn is Davids long suffering brother, and partner in crime for many years!
    He is a cunning warrior and scientist.
    Just don't ask him to tell any jokes!

    Dave - Groomsmen
    David and Dave met through Andrew. They quickly built a friendship on the solid foundations of the pursuit of beer.

    Tim - Groomsmen
    David and Tim met at university while studying for Computer Science. They built a friendship on the principles of open source software.

  • GirlsOpen or Close

    I was super excited to ask Lou if she wanted to be in my bridal party. Over the few years that I've known her, she's been someone that I truly love hanging out with. She has such a colourful personality that brings this brightness to everyone. Not only are you a blast to hang with, you're a great friend.

    “Met Laricea whilst working together at Initiative, where we were the best dressed persons in the building! Bonded over a love of coffee and cocktails”

    I've known her for 21 years - she is one of the oldest friends I've ever had and we've shared so many brilliant moments over the years. From phone calls that lasted 3 hours to sharing the first exams emotions and discussing love affairs, Andreea has been there for the good times and the bad times. Life has reunited us in London and we've got some impressive retirements plans for when we're going to turn 45!

    Without Clodagh David and I wouldn’t have met! She is the one who offered me a role at Essence, where David was working! Such a strong, positive personality, Clodagh brings a smile on my face every single time I’m seeing her. The cutest thing in the world – she has called her mum after I asked her to be my bridesmaid! How can you not love her?

    “I'm Irish born and bred but have called London home for almost 6 years! Working in the digital industry, I like to think I make dreams come true for a living (ie. I work in recruitment)! You'll often find me trying to start a sing song, preferable Disney! And despite my traditional upbringing, I have never actually tasted Guinness in my life!”

    She is my sister from another mister Zoe used to be my manager! And then she decided she had enough of me so she changed jobs, but we remained best friends! She is always making me laugh - the way she is teasing me to the point where I want to strangle her, I absolutely love her.

    “Working in Digital Marketing, her real part time ‘job’ is travelling around the world going on fabulous holidays with Laricea! Likes: Propping up the bar, netball and spending money that she doesn’t have on clothes. Dislikes: Writing bios, scary dogs and lamb”



March 12 2016


Beckenham Methodist Church
Bromley Road,

The closest train stations are Clock House (London Charing Cross + London Cannon Street) and Beckenham Junction (London Victoria)

Parking: off street - Bevington Road (pay and display on Saturday) or Fairfield Rd Car Park, Beckenham BR3 3LD, UK (5 min walk, £0.60/hour)


Ripley Arts Centre,
24 Sundridge Avenue,

The venue is a 15 min drive from the church, so guests can drive or share a cab (5 cabs will be waiting outside the church).

The closest train station from the venue is Elmstead Woods (London Charing Cross + London Cannon Street).


Ripley Arts Centre,
24 Sundridge Avenue,



If our guests would prefer to spend the night at a local hotel, there are quite a few options:

Grianan Hotel 23 Orchard Rd, BR1 2PR, 02084601795
Bromley Continental Hotel 58 Plaistow Lane, BR1 3JE, 02084642115
Avis Hotel Rodway Road, BR1 3JP, 02084604033
Travelodge 37 London Road, BR1 1DG, 08715591856
Cyprus Premier The Mall News, 244a High St, BR11PQ, 08714266888


Wedding Gifts

We know it's not traditional,
It's not the way it's done
But instead of a wedding list
We'd like a bit of sun.
We do not have a gifting list,
Our house is set without nothing missed
So if'd like to give a gift, to help us celebrate
Some money towards a honeymoon,
We'd much appreciate.

We have a savings account for the honeymoon, email us and we will send you the details.


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